Uncle Roast Automatic Rotisserie BBQ Grill


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The ZenUrban 860022 Uncle Roast BBQ automatic rotisserie roasting grill is an easily assembled rotating stainless steel grill unit that can cook many things at once with ease.
This is a commercial grade rotisserie roasting grill, great for catering, food carts, restaurants, outdoor events, camping and of course at home.
A readily available power source is all you need to get the entire grill rotating so you can enjoy hands free cooking of your favorite barbecue dishes evenly on all sides. Or, if you’re out camping and don’t have a nearby plug, a simple 9 volt battery is all you need to keep the grill running for hours!
Barbecue foods like sausages, corn on the cob, and even a whole chicken automatically.
Accessories Included: 1x Carry zip bag 16 x Stainless Steel bolts 1 x Charcoal clip 2 x (Large size and small size) Fish/meat BBQ clip net 1x Roller Pieces 1x oil Tray 1 set hand hook 1 1 x wire brush cleaning ball 1x wire cleaning brush 1 x AC adapter 2 x 3mm Hex Wrench
Specifications: Diameter 58cm x Height 80 cm Main Material: Stainless Steel #304

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Weight35 lbs
Dimensions18.5 × 19 × 8 in


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