Power Clone. 1 Pint
Power Clone. 1 Pint Power Clone. 1 Pint
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1 pint Power Clone SolutionUse Power Clone Rooting Gel for rapid, robust roots. Made for serious gardeners who prefer to use cuttings for propagating their favorite plants. Power Clone Rooting Gel was formulated utilizing the latest advances in plant molecular biology and DNA technology to make it a very effective rooting gel. Just use Power Clone Rooting Gel to find out how easy it is to get a profusion of luxuriant roots from cuttings and acquire hundreds of your favorite plants for free! For transplanting and rooting, power Clone Liquid Concentrate contains all of the ingredients found in Power Clone Rooting Gel; however, it is formulated as a liquid. Although the Liquid Concentrate can be used as effectively as the Rooting Gel in all kinds of rooting media, the former is most beneficial in aeroponic systems and for transplanting potted or bare-root plants.