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True Terpenes is a leader in precision botanical terpene blends using pure, food grade isolated compounds derived from non-cannabis sources. Each profile is curated using quality analytics to positively reflect their namesake plant. The following information is intended to inform our audience of the origins and cultural significance behind our botanical strain profile.

Strawnana, also known as Strawberry Banana, is an indica-dominant hybrid that is one of the more potent strains around. Strawnana stems from crossing Crockett’s Banana Kush hybrid and the strawberry phenotype of another hybrid, Bubble Gum. While the creator may be up for debate amongst some, what isn’t is the flavor and potency of Strawnana. This strain is a heavy hitter that leaves consumers in a happier, more soothed state.

If you’ve ever dived into a fresh bowl of fruit, or even just pulled back the cover on a strawberry banana yogurt, you’ll have an idea of the aromas this strain provides. The sweet berry scents are met with hints of earthy notes as well, giving it a pleasant profile that exudes some of nature’s most enjoyable aromas. The strain lives up to its namesake when smoked as well. Some note that inhaling brings more of the strawberry taste, while banana becomes more pronounced upon exhaling.

Limonene is the most present terpene in Strawnana’s profile and helps provide some of the strains sweet aroma and flavor. At 33%, it more than doubles the next closest terpenes in the profile, beta caryophyllene at 16% and myrcene at 14%. Alpha pinene and others round out Strawnana’s terpene structure, individually making up 8% or less of the profile. When looking for a potent strain, Strawnana is one to consider. Information gathered by Wikileaf found that Strawnana absolutely surpassed the average indica potency of 12.5%. On average, the strain boasts a potency of 20%, with a common flower totaling 17% to 23%. At its peak, one Strawnana strain reached an impressive 32.6%.

The effects of Strawnana tend to creep in rather than hit you over the head. Some have even called it “mellow and creeping.” Though its effects can sometimes have a consumer feel like they smoked a sativa, this is clearly an indica-dominant strain as it provides a quality high that builds with positive feelings. As the effects of Strawnana settle in, users tend to experience the famous indica couch lock and soothing feeling.

While Strawnana has a low CBD content, not many strains can check all the boxes that make it a stellar choice. And with many of the boxes checked surrounding potency, aroma and flavor, Strawnana still ranks highly as one strain consumers should consider trying.

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