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The Zenport cordless pruner EP26 ePruner, a battery powered electric ePruner with a progressive 1-Inch cut. Perfect for nursery, vineyard, orchard, landscape and general horticulture pruning of vines and trees. Includes 3 modes of pruning operation, progressive cut, adaptive cut, and simple “hair-trigger”. New to the Zenport cordless pruner offering is the progressive and adaptive cutting mode. Features an all-new LCD digital readout providing valuable information about your cordless pruner. Full battery charge will complete 4,000 continuous pruning cuts or 2-3 hours of runtime.

This pruner is super light weighing in at 1.5-pounds/0.6kg without the battery and 2-pounds with the battery. The razor-sharp cutting blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel. Impact resistant carrying case keeps the tool and accessories safe and secure while storing or travelling to the job. Portable maintenance toolbox helps keep this electric pruner operating at optimal performance for many years. Includes all cables and charging cradle which is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets. The cordless pruner comes with 2 x 14.4V battery packs. Having 2 battery packs allows you to swap them out continuously giving you nonstop pruning action. Batteries are compatible with the Zenport EP108 and EP27 cordless pruners.
New Cordless Pruner Features:
• Progressive cut mode – precise control the speed and position of the blade with the trigger.
• Adaptive cut – hard set the blade to any resting position to speed up cuts and save battery power.
• Digital LCD Readout – Intuitive battery level by percentage and “cutometer” showing number cuts per session and lifetime

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Weight2 lbs
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