RainForest 318
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RainForest 318 (eco-4772) RainForest 318 The RainForest is designed to maximize the amount of oxygen available to plant roots. For propagating cuttings or quick-starting seeds, transplants or seedlings. The root system hangs in an air gap where the nutrient solution is sprayed. The result is the highest level of oxygen which can be attained with the root zone. RainForest 318 General Hydroponics RainForest 318 - Eighteen 3” Site Aeroponics System - The RainForest® 318 can accommodate up to eighteen small plants from cuttings to harvest, or up to ninety cuttings for rooting and transplantation using the 3” CocoTek® coconut caps included. Vortex® Sprayer lifts and oxygenates nutrient solution then gently sprays it over cutting bases or root systems. This system’s size is 24” hexagonal. This system includes 17-Gallon Reservoir with Lid, Six 3” Lid inserts, Vortex® Sprayer, 3” Plastic Cups, CocoTek Liners, CocoTek Caps and 3-Part Flora Kit. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP $ 295.17