Air Divider 8 outlets
Air Divider 8 outlets at -
Air Divider 8 outlets (eco-5068) 8 Outlet Copper Air Divider ActiveAqua™ Commercial Air Pumps Multi-outlet divider can be individually opened or shut, for total aeration control. Recommended tubing sizes: Input 5/16 internal diameter, Output - .17 internal diameter. ActiveAqua™ Commercial Air Pumps are perfect to run several Waterfarms or multiple air stones at once. They are a electrical magnetic air compressor in a high quality aluminum alloy case, with wear and tear resistant material for the cylinder and piston. They boast high pressure and high output featuring the included multi-outlet divider [6, 8 and 12] that can be individually opened or shut. SKU: AAPADIV8 ( previously PUDIV8 ) Weight: 1.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 5.9L x 2.2W x 0.2H Suggested Retail: $8.95 Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP $ 8.95