Vertizontal Reflector® 4FT VERTIZONTAL REFLECTOR ADVANTAGES OF VERTICAL REFLECTORS: Large size provides a wide area of coverage from low mounting heights. Will accommodate all sizes of MH and HPS lamps. Low mounting height reduces distance to plants and thus increased light levels. ADVANTAGES OF HORIZONTAL REFLECTORS: HID lamps emit light in a continuous 360 degree ring emanating out from the arc tube. The main reason horizontally mounted lamps perform well is because much of their light is thrown downward. 95% reflective German aluminum insert for excellent output and uniformity. Increased optical efficiency by 10% with new design. Reflector dimensions: 48 in Diameter x 10 in Deep. It operates MH and HPS lamps in the horizontal position but in an eight-sided parabolic shaped reflector. In the horizontal burning position, much of the lamp's light is thrown straight down and the balance of the lamp's light which is emanating upward is re-directed back down to the plant canopy from the 95% reflective German aluminum insert. Pre-wired with lamp cord and adjustable socket. Does not accept BT56 lamps. US Patent No: D545994. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP Each $ 163.95 Case Weight 10.95 LB Case Dimensions 20. x 19. x 7.5 IN Case Quantity 1 UPC 870883004088