430 W AgrosunŽ Red Sodium (12/cs)
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430 W AgrosunŽ Red Sodium (12/cs) (eco-4518) Agrosun Red Sodium - 430W Agrosun Bulbs The Agrosun 430W bulb is compatible with all 400W HPS magnetic and electronic ballasts. Agrosun Red Sodiums are the best choice for enhanced flowering, increased crop volume and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Not only will they produce more, larger and better flowers, but they will do it quicker than common sodium bulbs. Red Sodiums are recommended for situations where high output supplemental light is preferred. SKU: BUSD430AG Weight: 1.0 lbs. Package Dimensions: 11.8L x 2.0W x 2.0H Suggested Retail: $79.95 Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP $ 79.95