Sensa-Spray 2 oz. (12/case)
Sensa-Spray 2 oz. (12/case) at -
Sensa-Spray 2 oz. (12/case) (eco-5710) Plantastic Products - Sensa-Spray Plantastic Plant Products A concentrated foliage spray (makes 2 qts.) to be used on plants before they bloom. Dilute and mist the leaves at the proper time. Will induce your plants to produce increased levels of female hormones resulting in more female flowers. Completely safe, leaves no harmful residue. Sensa-Spray - A foliage spray concentrate to be used on preblooming plants. Just dilute and mist the leaves at the proper time. A magical pre-blooming bud booster. Completely safe and will leave no harmful residue. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP $ 22.95