ORGANICARE PURE 5LB TUB (6/CS) Special Order at -
Organicare Pure™ 6-6-5+8%Ca Pure natural and organic plant food is the base for the Organicare Plant Nutrient System. Pure contains only natural, organic-based ingredients. It is ideal for container gardens, raised bed gardens, potted plants and hydroponics. Beneficial for fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs and turf. Pure’s carbon based, biologically enhanced granules feed beneficial soil microorganisms, which in turn, feed your plants. The end result is Naturally Superior™, rapid, and vigorous growth. Pure contains a combination of highly active organic acids including humic acid. We combine major growth promoters like fish meal and seaweed with composted poultry litter, alfalfa meal, sulfate potash, macro and micro minerals, amino acids, proteins, and natural plant extracts to create a highly effective fertilizer and growth stimulator. Sizes: Item # Item MSRP 739050 ORGANICARE PURE 2LB BAG 12/CS $5.50 739051 ORGANICARE PURE 5LB TUB 6/CS $15.00 739052 ORGANICARE PURE 12LB BAG 4/CS $29.95 739054 ORGANICARE PURE 50LB BAG SO $60.00 Special Order, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipment