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Ful-Power Humic Acid We now have available the most effective fulvic acid product you will find anywhere. Our Cold Microbial Extraction Process mimics earths’ natural processes resulting in an organic fulvic with high bioavailability, primary and secondary metabolites as well as phytostimulants from the “fermentation” process. The purified fulvic acid in Ful-Power has superior chelating ability and can help optimize cellular/plant growth, increase yields, and builds root mass and overall plant health/immunity. Fulvic complexes enhance both mineral and trace element uptake in plants without inducing toxicity. It also prevents nutrients from binding in solution and creating insoluble precipitates. Sizes: Item # Item MSRP 719770 FUL-POWER QUART 12/CS $19.95 719775 FUL-POWER GALLON 4/CS $49.95