Co2Boost Bucket & Pump
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Co2Boost Bucket & Pump MSRP: $135.00 Its time to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Co2Boost. Just plug in our Co2Boost pump and watch as your plants health and size increase daily! If used properly, Co2Boost provides your plants with Co2 for a full 90 days (we sell the Replacement buckets). Odorless Lightweight All-Natural Easy to use Organic Cost-effective No added heat Plug the pump into a timer so as to run only while lights are on (plants only use CO2 during photosynthesis). The pump has high and low settings -- on high the bucket may last only 70 days. Place the output tube directly over plant or behind a circulation fan. Seal the environment for maximum effect. 25 ft and 50 ft Spray Kits sold separately for multiple plants and unsealed grow environments. Ships from manufacturer.