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General Hydroponics Flora Micro FLORA MICRO 2.5 GALLON(2/CASE) FLORA SERIES Flora Micro (5 - 0 - 1) - This three part series continues to be a big seller in the hydroponic industry. The flexibility to custom blend the formulas is an attractive benefit to beginners and experts alike. Great for all types of media/growing environments including rockwool, grow rocks, coco, soil, aeroponics, etc. The foundation of the building-block system. Provides nitrogen, potassium, calcium and trace elements. Combine with FloraGro and FloraBloom. Manufacturer's Product Information 2007 MSRP Each $ 69.95 Case Weight 60.15 LB Case Dimensions 13.75 x 9.5 x 15.25 IN Case Quantity 2