Harvest Pro™ HPS 600 Watt Remote Ballast
Harvest Pro™ HPS 600 Watt Remote Ballast at HorticultureSource.com -
Sun System® Harvest Pro™ High Pressure Sodium Remote Ballasts Harvest Pro™ HPS 600 Watt With our Exclusive Power Pointer™, it’s easy to switch from 120 volt to 240 volt power! Simply unplug the detachable 120 volt Smart Volt™ cord (included), turn the Power Pointer™ arrow down for 240 volt power and plug in a 240 volt Smart Volt™ cord. THAT’S IT! (240 volt Smart Volt™ cord sold separately). High quality ballast will ensure years of trouble-free use. Lamp cord receptacle – Accepts all Sun System® lamp cords. High temperature capacitor ensures long lasting durability. A barrier wall between the ballast and the capacitor/ ignitor helps keep the critical components cool. Heat slots & louvers remove excess heat from the ballast. Aluminum ballast enclosure dissipates heat. 5 year warranty MSRP $189.95