Water Conditioner. 1 Quart
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Vita Grow Water Conditioner 1 Quart. Add 1/3 to 1/2 tsp. to 1 gallon water and then add fertilizer. Helpful hints at the info button. Great stuff. Really makes plants grow! A must for any water source!!All water should be treated with this product. It makes the plants grow so much better. The secret is in its ability to chelate the minerals in your water and plant food and reduce harmful chlorine. This keeps minerals from combining with other minerals and dropping out of solution. Plants cannot feed on the minerals unless the minerals are in solution, so keeping them in solution is very important. This is very important in hydroponics. Keeping minerals in solution when passing through electromagnetic fields such as pumps may also create a problem. The water conditioner will help here too. The Water Conditioner will also help keep the soil from becoming toxic. Now that Iím thinking of it let me make an important note: If you are growing in soil, you must allow at least 25% of the water or plant food that you are feeding the plant with to exit the pot and not allowed to touch the pot or its soil ever again. Do not capture this run off and feed it back to the plant. Do not water or feed the potted plant from the bottom. (An occasional bottom watering to help saturate the soil if the soil dries completely out is OK) Try not feed the plants plant food every watering. Water the plants in-between feedings. Use the Water Conditioner. This will help to keep the plant food from building up in the pot and making the soil toxic. Plants roots feed by the process called osmosis. This is where the juices inside the roots bring in minerals and other soluble compounds into the plant through the root skin or membranes. This happens because the juices in the roots have more soluble minerals in them than those that are soluble in the soil. If the soil has more minerals in it than the roots, the plants osmotic process will be disrupted and the plant cannot feed. This problem can be traced to 50% of our customers plant health complaints. Toxic media symptoms would include: Curling of leaves, leaves that will crumble when grasped as if they were under watered, signs of nutrient deficiency when plenty of nutrients have been made available and plants that will not thrive or grow as expected. Now that that has been said, try the Water Conditioner. Youíll be happy!