RTU Rooting Compound. 4 fl oz (CA OR WA CO NY MN AK ONLY)
RTU Rooting Compound. 4 fl oz (CA OR WA CO NY MN AK ONLY) at HorticultureSource.com -
Vita Grow Ready to Use Rooting Compound is a great product. This product works where others fail. This is the same formula that production nurseries use to clone ten thousand starts at a time. Nurseries don’t have time for gels. They need rooting compounds to be effective, easy and fast or they won’t use it. A quick 5 second dip of the cutting’s stem into Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound before placing it into your favorite growing media is all you need. This unique and special recipe drives plant growth hormones into the plant’s stem and won’t wash or wipe off like gels do. This makes it a great choice for aeroponic cutting/cloning machines. Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound is effective, easy to use and has a worry free application. The active ingredients are recognized by the EPA to be effective in rooting clones. EPA registered in all states. NOT FOR SALE TO CALIFORNIA OR NEVADA RESIDENTS.Vita Grow is not associated with Wood's Rooting Compound.