5 gal. Pro Kit (1 brew): 4 kits
5 gal. Pro Kit (1 brew): 4 kits at HorticultureSource.com -
4 Pro Kits Pro Kits are designed to get higher numbers of beneficial microorganisms than you would get from our regular foods and compost. Lean at KIS has spent 2 years in refining the recipe and ingredients, and conducted repeated tests to ensure that we are providing the highest quality product. We have found our Pro Kits to get higher fungal numbers and diversity, along with increased fungal hyphae. This will contribute to better disease suppression in the compost tea. The Pro Kits come in many different sizes, and include enough foods and compost for 1 complete brew. Included in each Pro Kit: 1-Nutrient-rich Food Package humic 1-Pre-measured Compost Package All of our Pro Kit orders are not made until ordered so that we can provide the freshest, most aerobic compost possible. We "activate" the compost so the beneficial microorganisms are ready-to-go straight into your brewer upon arrival. All of our composts are packaged in recycled organic coffee burlap sacks and then put into boxes with holes drilled in them to allow the compost to breathe as much as possible during shipment. We take great care in getting the highest quality product to you as quickly as possible! Pro Kits may be stored up to 6 months, but we recommend using them as soon as possible for optimal results. Note: not shippable to Canada