SP-85 Soluble Humate Powder 1 lb
SP-85 Soluble Humate Powder 1 lb at HorticultureSource.com -
TeraVita Humic Acids SP-85 Humic acids are primarily found in manure, peat, lignite coal, and leonardite. Leonardite is a highly oxidized form of organic matter and the source for our humic acids. Humic acids work great as a food substrate and food for beneficial microorganisms in your compost tea. Humic acids have been shown to increase seed germination rates and percentages, assist in breaking up compacted soils and clay, assist in transferring micro-nutrients from the soil to the plant, and enhance water retention. If you are having disease problems or wish to increase the fungal component in your tea, we highly recommend adding humic acids. Only 1 Tablespoon of SP-85 or SP-90 is sufficient in our 5 gallon brewer. Please call for amounts in our larger brewers. Humic acids can also be applied in a separate application as a soil amendment. Go to www.teravita.com for more information. Our humate powder is over 90% soluble and contains a minimum of 85% humic acids. It has been precisely designed to contain the ideal ratio of sodium and potassium salts of humic acid. This product can be coated onto granular fertilizers, mixed with rock dusts and other soil amendments, or used to make your own liquid concentrate. Our new technologies make this soluble powder the most cost-effective humate on the planet! Note: not shippable to Canada