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Retail Product Catalog Catalog of just some of the products available on (we have 15,000+ items listed online). Printed on glossy paper much like a magazine. We sell every item in this catalog at significant discount compared to the listed MSRP. Just do a search on for the Item No./Name from the catalog to order online. All items have color photos and complete descriptions. The catalog also includes a quick reference, manufacturer's nutrient feed charts, detailed information on lamps, sneak peaks at up and coming new products, etc. Add this item to your order and we will send one with your shipment(s)! MSRP: $4.95 View Catalogs Online Current Catalogs 2015-2016 Catalog: 2015 Catalog: 2015 Catalog: Past Catalogs 2014-2015 Catalog: 2014-2015 Catalog: 2013 Retail Catalog: 2013 Retail Catalog: 2012 Catalog: 2011 CAP Products Catalog: 2010 CAP Products Catalog: View the 2009 Catalog Sections (PDF files) Introduction Lighting Part 1 Lighting Part 2 Nutrients & Supplements Organics, Foliar Sprays & Leaf Washes Grow Media, Propagation, Trays, Reservoirs & Grow Systems Pumps, Irrigation & Environmental Controls Fans, Blowers, Ducting, Air Purification, Sprayers & Wands, Growing Accessories, Hand Tools, Reflective and B&W Films, pH/EC/TDS Meters & Solutions, Timers & Instruments, Pots, Containers & Books Download the 2008-2009 Product Catalog Download the 2007 Manufacturer's Retail Catalog