TECHNAFLORA® ROOT 66™ 1-1-1 - 1L (12/CASE)
TECHNAFLORA® ROOT 66™ 1-1-1 - 1L (12/CASE) at -
Technaflora Root 66 ROOT 66 1L (12/CS) Root 66 is an oganic-based nutrient blend that is comprised of seaweed extract, trace elements, and polysachridies. It promotes the exceptional development of a well balanced root structure, which is a vital component of overall plant growth and performance. At transplanting, Root 66 improves the establishment of seedlings and cuttings by stimulating adventitious root development. Root 66 can be applied to soil, soilless and hydroponic based garden mediums and can be used in conjunction with any premium quality fertilizer. Manufacturer's Product Information 2007 MSRP Each $ 67.99 Case Weight 28.88 LB Case Dimensions 13.25 x 10. x 10. IN Case Quantity 12 Not for sale in OR