Mammoth-C500 Commercial  Grow Fixture [560W Industrial High PAR LED Grow Light] (Special Order) (No USPS)
Mammoth-C500 Commercial Grow Fixture [560W Industrial High PAR LED Grow Light] (Special Order) (No USPS) at -
The Mammoth-C500 is a revolutionary new horticultural growing system. Utilizing mainly red and blue spectrum’s of light supported by two tubes of UV light, the light emitted from this fixture is as efficient as possible. Overhead High PAR and side fill Mid PAR versions available. PAR Values range from 310-850+ based on optical distribution.   Features: • Life Sync Smart Technology – Over temperature protection and lumen  depreciation maintenance • Programmable Power & Timing Settings on board. • Offers industry-leading 50,000 hrs rated average life.* • Low energy consumption with only 95W/Module. • Low running temperature cuts cost of air conditioning. • Supplemental UV tubes help mimic sunlight for a increased yields and quality of crops • Soft start. • Made in the USA. • Red and Blue LEDs target specific wavelengths absorbed by chlorophyll in plants. *Rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis   Input Voltage: • 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC   Warranty Information: • Fixture – 5 year warranty • Driver – 5 year warranty • Solstice Light Engine – 5 year warranty • Tubes – No warranty Benefits • Safe Investment – 5 Year Warranty • Long Lifespan – L70 >150,000 Hrs @ 90ºC • Soft start • Under voltage lockout for power off or brownout. • 0 – 10V Input port. • Operating Temperature Range: -40 ° C to 55 ° C Nominal Utilizes Reptile Sunshine UVB 2.0 Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamp 48" T12 With the highest coloring rendering index in the world of 98, and a color temperature of 6500 k, Reptile Sunshine 2.0 fluorescent provides reptiles with pure white illumination that closely simulates Natural Sunlight. Reptile Sunshine 2.0 emits beneficial ultraviolet rays in the 290 to 400 nanometer range (U.V.A. + U.V.B.), and maintains most of this output throughout the life of the lamp. NOTE: lead time is 2-6 weeks (before it ships from the manufacturer)