FloraFlex™ 8" FloraCap™
FloraFlex™ 8" FloraCap™ at HorticultureSource.com -
Place the revolutionary, patent-pending FloraCaps™ on your 8" Rockwool cubes, and maximize your space in the Vegetative cycle. flower designed louvers block light, while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plant. • Reduce your top feed counts by up to 50%. • Never waste a drop - the encompassing bottom lip directs all water and nutrients into your Rockwool cubes and straight to your plants' roots. • Feed your plants less, allow the root zones to dry at more consistent rates with the FloraCap™ that strategically covers the top of the media, while allowing in the necessary oxygen they need to thrive. • The built in overflow ensures that you save any excess water and nutrients by delivering them straight to the root ball. • Maneuvering your plants is now much easier by grabbing ahold of the FloraCap™. • Easy to clean - holes in all four corners drain leftover water and nutrients, leaving little to no calcium build- up. • Dishwasher safe. • Four three-way stakes on the bottom corners add extra stability. • Safe and effective - made from BPA and lead-free plastic. • Stackable. • Reusable.