Powerbox DPC-12000-D-60A-4HW (Dual, Hardwired)
Powerbox DPC-12000-D-60A-4HW (Dual, Hardwired) at HorticultureSource.com -
The Powerbox® DPC-12000-D is a 12-outlet, dual zone HID lighting controller. Each zone of six 240V outlets is controlled by its own trigger cord (user-supplied timer is required). You get the ultimate in protection, thanks to an advanced microprocessor-controlled GFCI main circuit breaker that can sense a wide variety of dangerous conditions on downstream loads and instantaneously de-energize all connected devices, helping prevent fire and electrocution. Designed and manufactured in California from the best industrial-grade components, the DPC-12000-D is ETL Listed, UL Approved and CAN/CSA Approved. Setup is fast and easy. Plug directly in to a 240-volt range-type outlet (NEMA type 14-50r) to be up-and-running in minutes, or hardwire directly to your panel. Rated for continuous capacity, there are 50 Amp and 60 Amp versions available. There are a total of TWELVE NEMA type 6-15 240V outlets to power your lights, and 6 NEMA type 5-15 120V outlets to run your light-duty accessories. The 120V outlets are wired for constant power. LED status lights show that protection is active and status of light cycles.  FEATURES: Microprocessor-controlled main GFCI circuit breaker helps prevent fire & electrocution. Protection tabs to prevent accidental breaker shutoff. Dual zones allow you to run two separate environments. Twelve NEMA type 6-15 240-volt outlet receptacles. Six NEMA type 5-15 120-volt outlet receptacles. 120V Trigger Cords activate outlet zones. Four foot main power cord, with custom lengths available. Plug & Play into 4-prong range-type outlet (NEMA 14-50r), or hardwire to panel. Durable powder coated 14 gauge seamless steel enclosure. Keyhole tabs 16" on center for easy mounting to wall studs. INPUT: 240VAC, Rated for 50A, or 60A at 240V, 4-Wire Connection. Three Phase compatible models available. ETL Listed, UL Approved, CAN/CSA Approved. Designed and manufactured in California.