Quantum T5 4' 16 Bulb 864w
Quantum T5 4' 16 Bulb 864w at HorticultureSource.com -
*Please note - the Quantum T5 fixture color will be changing to white in December 2014. During the transition you might receive a white fixture before the photo on the website is changed. Product performance and features have not changed, the only change is the color. Quantum T5 fluorescent fixtures use Fulham high efficiency, active electronic ballasts to power the high output, 54 watt, 4 foot T5 lamps. The Quantum T5 features a shallow profile, very low heat, wider bulb spread, and high quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors. Engineered with broader angles, these reflectors allow more light from the backside of the bulb to make it to the plants, and penetrate deeper into the canopy without being obstructed by the bulb itself! This 'House of Mirrors' effect lets you place the Quantum T5 closer to the tops of the plants, delivering 28% more lumens and still achieving a wider coverage area. The large area of light dispersal coupled with the intense light is what makes Quantum's T5 optimal for your garden's growth. Wider reflector angles 28% more lumens at plant level Active Fulham RaceHorse ballasts 60% on average lower shipping cost 30% more efficient than comparable models Increases the efficiency of any T5/HO 54W bulbs High quality German glass coated aluminum reflectors Patented folding design for easy storage and transportation Designed for Quantum T5 bulbs, but will light any manufacturer's bulbs 120/240V Smart-volt out of the box (120V cord included, 240V cord optional) Bulbs not included