SNS HydroBiotics, 16 oz
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SNS-HydroBiotics is an environmentally safe probiotic inoculant containing powerful microbes for maintaining hydroponic reservoirs & watering systems as an aid to help reduce system fouling. Uses for HydroBiotics Overall water quality improvement 4 ounces makes 45 gallons of ready to use solution 1 gallon makes 1440 gallons of ready to use solution Aids in making the plant water more active, may reduce unwanted bio-loads Helps sterile and over taxed water systems by adding bio-diverse organisms Helps reduce COD and BOD caused by high nutrient levels (TDS) in hydroponics systems Helps oxidize ammonia (NH3) that may build-up during high nutrient/fertilizing dosing May reduce fertilizing cost by increasing bio-availability of the watering system Will help reduce bad odors in watering systems Can keep you watering systems cleaner by reducing food materials other organisms use Helps reduce bottom sedimentations Reduces turbidity of the water system Directions for use: Hydroponics Reservoirs: Add 2.5 mL (1/2 tsp.) of HydroBiotics TM per gallon (3.79 L) monthly or after reservoir change. Tea Reservoirs: Add 5 mL (1 tsp.) of HydroBiotics TM per gallon (3.79 L) during brewing. Garden Watering: Add 2.5 mL (1/2 tsp.) of HydroBiotics TM per gallon (3.79 L) of water every two weeks. *May be used with nutrients and fertilizers. Do Not Mix with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Ingredients: Purified Water, Proprietary Lactic Acid Cultures, Molasses, Mineral Powder, Sea Salt, Rice Bran Liquid Extract & Citric Acid