SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash, 1 gal
SNS 311 Plant and Vegetable Wash, 1 gal at -
SNS-311 Natural Concentrated Plant, Fruit, Vegetable & Surface Wash What is it? Think of SNS 311 as immediate medicine for your plants or (First Aid Kit). Little sprits may help a lot of conditions. SNS-311 Natural Plant, Fruit and Vegetable Wash reduces oxidative stress on plants, safely removes pesticide residues and other containments, and destroys bacteria and fungus while adding some additional vitamin C to the plants, vegetables, and fruit. SNS-311 is made with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Potassium Bicarbonate (Baking Powder), and Quillaja (Soap Bark) a botanical surfactant. As a Plant Wash it may; Reduce oxidative stress, reduce ozone issues i.e. Brown tips, Brown scaring and leaf curling Remove pesticides oils Remove fungicide oils Reduce the odor from botanical pesticides and fungicides Reduce insect damage, by reducing stress Reduce fungus and bacterial damage, by reducing stress and washing off the fungus and bacteria May reduce fungus and bacteria by reducing their ability to adhere to the plant May increase the amount of fruit May increase fruit and leaf size Current testing has shown significant reduction in the treatment of Scales May reduce odors, if your plant smells like Rosemary or mildew a little spray can reduce the odor 1 ml of SNS 311 will eliminate 1.5 pap of chlorine in 1 gallon of water and buffer the water to 6 pH May be used every day as a maintenance plant wash. You will notice your plants looking brighter, even glowing and smelling fresher. As a Vegetable and Fruit Wash it may; Wash off pesticides and other contaminants Wash off bacteria and fungus Destroy bacterial and fungus Reduce the ability of bacteria and fungus from adhering to the vegetables and fruit Increase shelf life of vegetables and fruits due to reduced bacteria and fungus Add some additional vitamin C to the vegetables and fruits A little bit of SNS 311 added to chlorinated water will remove chlorine