LED Growth Chamber - Complete Grow System
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Research Environment Cultivation The Hydroponic Research Growth Chamber is a unique, all-in-one hydroponic system that is excellent for plant isolation research. The enclosed chamber includes a floating raft hydroponic system with a 32-cell Styrofoam tray, an air stone that helps aerate the water, and a 54 watt LED light panel. This combination results in healthy root and plant growth. The front LCD panel allows you to easily control air stone flow and light settings, making the growth chamber excellent for small scale isolation research, propagation, or general plant production. Features Floating raft system with air stone Digital display features a clock, controls the light period on/off settings, and controls the air pump with 3 pre-programmed settings BPA-free, food grade plastics Uses stainless steel SUS304 material Uses full-spectrum, 54 watt LED light panel 20 liter water tank capacity Can be stacked 2-up Harvest time reduced by approximately 30% versus traditional methods Daily electricity consumption is less than 1kWh Power: AC 100-240, 50-60Hz Power consumption: 56 watts @ 110Vac Includes 100-240Vac power adaptor 32-cell Styrofoam plant starter basin Quick installation guide 54 watt LED panel Seed starting tray and dome Spray bottle Nutrient dropper Plug tongs 40 grow sponges Sample nutrients More sites and larger than an Aerogarden. Possible uses could include cloning, propagation, grow your own culinary herbs or mico-greens for example. Shipping Weight 61.6 lbs. Package Dimensions 37.4L x 22.5W x 26.0H