Deep Breath 1 Gallon
Deep Breath 1 Gallon at -
If you’ve been impressed by the immediate and powerful effect of G10 on the size and density of your flowers, wait till you add DEEP BREATH to your feeding regimen. Our honey and vitamin based cocktail, DEEP BREATH, “primes the pump” during the vegetative and early bloom stage so plants experience an explosive surge in bulk when G10 is applied beginning the 3rd week of bloom. The DEEP BREATH/ G10 combo boosts yields to unheard of levels. Even beginners will see incredible effects in 10 days. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon every feeding beginning in veg and continue through the second week of bloom. Use ˝ to 1 teaspoon per gallon in hydro. For even better results, foliar spray clones with ˝ teaspoon per gallon every other day. Fasten your seat belts!