Phantom Double-Ended Reflector and 1000W Ballast w/USHIO DE bulb
Phantom Double-Ended Reflector and 1000W Ballast w/USHIO DE bulb at -
This kit includes: PHANTOM 1000W HPS 120/240V DOUBLE-ENDED E-BALLAST Engineering excellence and reliability is now incorporated into our new Phantom Double Ended Digital Ballast. This workhorse is totally silent, energy efficient, reliable and lightweight, and will power all reflectors that utilize double-ended 1000W lamps. Like the rest of the Phantom family, it has built-in hot re-strike programming to protect the lamp and ballast in the event of a power outage and will not attempt to restart a hot lamp for at least 15 minutes. High-precision microprocessor control High efficiency Ignition voltage control Intelligent lamp ignition and power control Current sense intelligent start-up Precision thermal controls Dimmable (Super, 100%, 75% and 60%)   PHANTOM 6 AC DOUBLE-ENDED REFLECTOR Super compact, double-ended reflector! Efficient double-ended design offers longer lamp life and a more balanced light spread Premium European aluminum Hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity Includes protective mesh flange screens to aid active/passive cooling Pre-galvanized powder coated body for durability, strength, and longevity Integrated hangers/handles Patented pending ridge vent system Sealed, latched lens with safety catch (For use with Active Cooling Setup)   Double-ended K12 x 30S sockets Integrated sockets & 15' lamp cord   PRO PLUS HPS 1000W DOUBLE-ENDED BULB USHIO introduces the NEW Double-Ended 1000W Super High Pressure Sodium Double Ended Pro-Plus lamp to its Hi-LUX GRO lamp series. The Hi-LUX GRO series is a full line of professional grade horticulture lamps that use super high output lamp technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield. The lamps are designed to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance. US5002442 - AHS-DE1000W/Pro-Plus = 2100 micromol/s Product Features: Made in Germany and engineered in a ISO9001 certified facility High red and blue spectral ratios for good photosynthesis efficiency Great lumen output for high PAR values (1950 and 2100 micromol/s) Robust plants through high blue light output High red light ratio for healthy plant growth Economic (long average life, high lumen output, low energy consumption) Tubular low profile design for compact fixtures