Ona Carbon Air without Gel
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Ona Products Ona Carbon Air without Gel (ON10052) ona carbon-air the latest in environmentally friendly odor control! The ona carbon-air unit has two 6 inch ports to facilitate airflow into the carbon filter and out through the fan unit. You simply connect the ona carbon-air to your existing ventilation system to distribute throughout your room or air exhaust system. A pail of ona gel attaches securely to the bottom of the carbon-air unit. The ona carbon-air unit is to be used exclusively with ona gel. Features 30 lbs. Bituminous charcoal based carbon filter with 1-6 inch duct for incoming air (top duct). 450 cfm fan with 1-6 inch duct for outgoing air (bottom duct). To be used with ona gel (30 liter/8 gal pail - large crystal). Available in polar crystal and fresh linen. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 312.99 UPC 624493126025 Dimensions 11.7 x 15.6 x 8.1 Case Quantity 1