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Nature's Solution Organic Ancient Humate Qt (NTHUQT) Nature's Solution Ancient Humate is a concentrated liquid for plants and soil from an ancient bog. This is a soil amendment that aids in micro-nutrient uptake. 1 quart makes 16 gallons. Usage of Nature's Solution -- For trees, grass, vegetables, and flowers, Allowed for Organic Production, Use for indoor & outdoor containers or soil. For general applications mix four tablespoons of Ancient Humate with one gallon of water, and apply weekly during the growing season. Use only as directed. 1 quart treats 1,000 sq. ft. (93 sq. meters), 32 ozs./1,000 ft2. Allowed for organic production. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 24.95 UPC 9780979756153 Dimensions 0.25 x 10.75 x 8.38 Case Weight 28 Case Quantity 12