Kill-a-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor
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Hydrofarm Kill-a-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor (LGP4400) Ever wonder just how much electricity your indoor garden consumes? How much "juice" you pour in to growing every day or longer amount of time? Now, with Hydrofarm's Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor, you're always in the know. Choose from the Kill-a-Watt's four settings to monitor your electrical usage by day, week, month, or year. Find out just how much that holiday lighting setup really costs you, or use it as a judgement call on whether it's time to replace old equipment that becomes a drag on your finances. With an easy-to-read screen and Features Hanging color display card ETL-listed 15 amp rated Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 39.95 UPC 638104002219 Dimensions 5.75 x 0.75 x 8.5 Case Weight 9 Case Quantity 24