Jump Start 12 Pellet Greenhouse
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Jump Start Jump Start 12 Pellet Greenhouse (JS12GH) Reap and sow the benefits of greenhouse growing, no outside space required. With a Jump Start Pellet Greenhouse, you can take charge of your growing without concern for the seasons, climate, or lighting. These mini greenhouses provide multiple cubbies for pellets (sold separately), which snugly and securely help plants take root. Start a vegetable or herb garden right on your windowsill or anywhere else convenient in this reusable waterproof tray. Once your seedlings have taken root, transplant them and start over with new pellets and new seedlings or cuttings. Jump Start Pellet Greenhouses are perfect for flowers, herbs, and vegetables and are also environmentally friendly when used with their accompanying eco-conscious biodegradeable peat pellets. The Jump Start's vented dome maintains humidity and warmth, making it the ideal environment for fragile new growth. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 2.95 UPC 638104003032 Dimensions 10.8 x 2.7 x 11 Case Weight 6 Case Quantity 24