Mosquito Dunk Gnat Twin Combo Pack
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Summit Chemical Company Mosquito Dunk Gnat Twin Combo Pack (HGMODUG) This new combo pack from Summit combines Mosquito Dunks® and Mosquito & Gnat Barrier to create the complete mosquito control system! Summit Mosquito Dunks®...Kills mosquitoes before they're old enough to bite! • Natural and harmless to beneficial insects, pets, birds, fish, or wildlife. • Perfect for Koi ponds, hydroponic systems, animal watering troughs and rain barrels. • Simply apply Mosquito Dunks to any standing water, water garden or water feature. • Kills within hours and lasts for 30 days or more. • Labeled for organic production by the USEPA • The quintessential highly effective low environmental impact product! Summit® Mosquito & Gnat Barrier Hose-End Sprayer • Contains Permethrin, a residual insecticide that provides up to four weeks of repellency. • Controls a wide variety of pests including mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks and more. • Reduce mosquito resting areas by spraying outdoor vertical surfaces to reduce your chance of being bitten. • Spray outdoor pet areas and quarters to reduce the chance of heartworm and Lyme disease.   Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 20.95 UPC 638104008006 Dimensions 5.75 x 2 x 10.75 Case Weight 12 Case Quantity 4