Rainwater HOG Vertical Wall Kit
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Rainwater Hog Rainwater HOG Vertical Wall Kit (HGHOGWK) The Wall Kit is recommended for all vertical HOG installations. This kit stabilizes the HOG laterally, and is NOT intended to carry any weight. Wall-mounted HOGs must be installed so that the weight is supported on a firm surface, with the weight bearing on the ground or another stable structure. The Wall Kit provides aesthetic appeal with structural integrity and improved functionality. The circular plate forms the "O" on the HOG tank, discreetly covering the nuts and bolts holding the tank in place against the wall. Gravity supplies enough water pressure to a vertically installed HOG system for watering plants on an elevated deck, and in raised planter or window boxes. Wall Kit components include: ◦ Circular plate ◦ Dome nut ◦ Threaded rod ◦ Spring nut ◦ 200mm length of unistrut (bracket) Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 58.95 UPC 638104106009 Dimensions 3.8 x 0.7 x 8.75 Case Weight 27 Case Quantity 9