Uncle John's Blend 20 gal
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Cutting Edge Solutions Uncle John's Blend 20 gal (CES2606) UNCLE JOHN'S BLEND (UJB), is a complex potassium mixture used primarily to enhance a plant's metabolic rate, especially for flowering plants during the blooming stage. Potassium is a major component in photosynthetic processes, including the production of ATP (plant sugars) and the transfer of those sugars throughout the plant tissue. The low molecular weight of UJB makes it very available to the plant for immediate use, as well as making a very "clean" foliar spray that will not leave heavy built-up or residue on the plant tissue. UJB can also be used in conjunction with CES' 2 other additives to produce custom foliar applications. UJB can be used throughout the entire growth cycle, but is more critical in the flowering stages of a plant's life to maintain energy levels and maximize plant growth. A plant is essentially dying as it goes to fruit or seed, so adding UJB helps to maintain the metabolic rate of plants. Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 1035 UPC 817867010567 Dimensions 23.25 x 34.5 x 23.25 Case Quantity 1