B'cuzz Foliar (1-0-0) 32 oz.
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Atami B'cuzz Foliar (1-0-0) 32 oz. (BZFL32) The very first OMRI certified foliar spray proven to enhance the performance of B'Cuzz stimulators in all stages of plant development. The new B'Cuzz Foliar contains all certified organic activators in one bottle (micronutrients, amino acids, cytokinins ,vitamins, esters, carbons) and are instantly available when used as a foliar spray. B'Cuzz Foliar was developed by Atami to enhance the performance of plant stimulants during all phases of plant growth and development. B'Cuzz Foliar spray contains a wealth of organic activators: Micronutrients Amino acids Cytokinins Vitamins Esters Carbons Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 29.95 Dimensions 5.25 x 13 x 5.25 Case Weight 13 Case Quantity 12