Pure Earth Moist 1.5CF
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Botanicare Pure Earth Moist 1.5CF (BCNSOPEM1.5) PURE EARTH outdoor moisture formula - Premium Organic-Based Potting Soil For potted plants, container gardens, raised bed gardens, and planter boxes. Pure Earth Moisture Formula is a premium, organic-based potting soil. Our Moisture formula holds a higher content for hotter climates, outdoor applications and for less frequent watering. Pure Earth is blended using superior, all natural ingredients insuring that your plants receive the natural benefits that only organics can provide. Ingredients: Coir fiber, composted forest product, compost, pumice, perlite, humic acid (Humex)(derived from leonardite ore), seaweed (Seaplex) (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum), fish meal, alfalfa meal, composted poultry litter (Pure), earthworm castings.   Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 22.95 UPC 757900727468 Dimensions 14.75 x 23.5 x 14.75 Case Quantity 1