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Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller (APCECOTH) The Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller (GMC) is designed to precisely control temperature, humidity, and CO 2 in the growing area. The GMC's enclosure features four separate power outlets used to connect external devices such as fans, CO 2 injectors, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Each external device easily connects to the unit creating a simple and user friendly platform. The GMC's fan-powered remote combination probe features a highly accurate dual beam CO 2 sensor. The remote sensor can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller and has been designed to resist EMI / EFI from electronic ballasts. Each unit has been pre-programmed with factory recommended settings for quick plug and play operation. Autopilot controllers offer grow room guidance. Precise temperature, humidity and CO 2 control Controls up to 4 devices  Separate day/night temperature set-points LED error indicators Remote 15' sensor for temperature, humidity, and CO 2 Fuzzy logic or standard logic adjustable Built-in data logger Temperature and humidity mode can be interlocked or split ETL Listed APCEIC *(sold separately) allows you to effectively monitor and control an indoor growing environment, even from a remote location. The "Remote Monitoring Software" allows the user to monitor and alter growing conditions remotely from a PC or laptop. This software can also data-log or chart a grow room's environmental conditions. (*not compatible with MAC systems or Smart phones) Note: APCECOTH controller has a 14.5A maximum load. For higher amperage units, such as A/C units, it is recommended to use a power expander . Manufacturer's Product Information MSRP each $ 604.95 UPC 638104009041 Dimensions 0.98 x 0.02 x 0.67 Case Weight 32 Case Quantity 8