Vortex S Line S-600 8 in Fan 728 CFM
Vortex S Line S-600 8 in Fan 728 CFM at HorticultureSource.com -
Atmosphere Vortex Powerfans S-Line The S-line is a revolutionary series of fans that combine energy efficiency, ultra-quiet operations and a collection of advanced technologies that deliver unparalleled performances. An extremely energy efficient AC brushless motor powers the patented mixed-flow dual impellers. Built with double insulated walls, noise is reduced to levels that were previously thought to be unattainable. All S-Line models are assembled with high impact resistant polycarbonate casings, an integrated back draft damper and a mounting bracket designed for quick and easy installation. The S-Line models feature a 10 year warranty. Features: Housing made of Polycarbonate – high temperature and impact resistance Rubber gaskets – tight and vibration free assembly Double insulated walls – preventing condensation and reducing noise level Mix Flow impeller – higher CFM’s and lower noise level Internal impeller – cooler motor operation to increase the life of the motor Integrated Back Draft Damper – preventing air leakage Motor – high quality Class F motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings Low profile – allows installation in small spaces Technical Specifications: #736708 - 347 CFM • 66 watts • 120V • 60Hz • 4.9 CFM per watt #736712 - 728 CFM • 232 watts • 120V 60Hz • 3.14 CFM per watt