EARTH JUICE™ BLOOM 0-3-1 Organic - GALLON (4/CASE) at -
Earth Juice Liquid Organic Fertilizers EARTH JUICE BLOOM GALLON (4/CA All the Earth Juice formulas are derived from entirely natural sources. Formulated for vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, trees and lawns. Designed for soil and soilless medias, indoor or outdoor use. No hidden NPK boosting synthetics No artificial additives, colors, or vitamins No added chlorine or formaldehyde. EARTH JUICE GROW 2 - 1 - 1 Nitrogen formulation, general purpose, single formula for vigorous green growth EARTH JUICE BLOOM 0 - 3 - 1 No nitrogen phosphorous formula used to promote buds, flowers, fruit & vegetables. EARTH JUICE CATALYST 0.03 - 0.01 - 0.10 Organic additive to increase growth & stimulate production to aid in quality and quantity of produce. Best used in conjunction with other NPK fertilizers. Manufacturer's Product Information 2007 MSRP Each $ 24.89 Case Weight 40.50 LB Case Dimensions 12.5 x 13. x 12.75 IN Case Quantity 4