GROTEK® MM 2000™ 0-0-1 - 1 LTR (6/CS)
GROTEK® MM 2000™ 0-0-1 - 1 LTR (6/CS) at -
Grotek MM2000™ MM 2000 - 1 LTR (6/CS) MM2000™ is an organic-based, biodegradable and non-toxic stress relieving product, designed to promote/maintain better plant growth. Its major constituents are some beneficial plant nutrients, amino acids, plant extracts and essential oils, which help plants in maintaining vigorous plant growth by inhibiting colonization and better utilizing plant nutrients. Plant derived amino acids provide instant energy that can support the plant to come out of any stress. MM2000™ can be used either as a foliar application or through nutrient solution. Its use through nutrient solution will shield the fragile root system from unfavorable nutritional effects. Manufacturer's Product Information 2007 MSRP Each $ 17.95 Case Quantity 6