Ideal- Air Mini Split Heat Pump 24,000 BTU 15 Seer
Ideal- Air Mini Split Heat Pump 24,000 BTU 15 Seer at -
Ideal-Air Mini Split - 15 SEER Heat Pumps Can be used with the optional programmable thermostat with up to 4 temperature settings each day. (see related products) Flexible stainless steel pre-charged 23' line set with quick connect fittings allows for easy Do It Yourself installation.  No technician required. High energy efficiency performance: 15 SEER using advanced DC inverter compressor. Mini-Split inverter technology offers up to 30% savings. Auto restart after power failure. Designed for cooling with outside temperature range of 5 to 105F. Ambient air temperature and individual room conditions will affect performance. Must have a dedicated power circuit. One year manufacturer warranty. 24,000 BTU Unit Amp Range: 6 to 14 amps. dB Rating: Indoor 35 dB, Outdoor 45 dB. Requires 240 volt dedicated 15 amp circuit. Note:  All Ideal-Air Heat Pumps need surge protection and a dedicated power circuit. In the event of a power failure, a spike in power may occur when the power is reinstated. This can damage the circuit board which is not covered under warranty.