Fast Fit Tray Stand 3 ft x 3 ft
Fast Fit Tray Stand 3 ft x 3 ft at -
Heavy duty 3 ft x 3 ft quick assembly tray stand. Absolutely no tools required. Can be assembled in 5 minutes or less. Accommodates all popular brand trays and reservoirs. Overall height is 25 in. Height from bottom bar to floor is 18 in without casters. Outside dimensions: 41.3 in length by 41.3 in wide. Inside dimensions: 39.3 in length by 39.3 in wide. US Patent 8,714,498, Patent Pending 14/269,619, PCT Application CT/US12/00001 and Chinese Patent 201280018267.2. Tray sold separately. All fast fit tray stands are rated for 3,000lbs. without casters. With casters, 6 leg tray stands are 360lbs and 4 leg tray stands are 240lbs.