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This compact and easy to use compost tea brewer comes with everything you need to brew compost tea. It comes with a, 3 gallon tea brewer, air pump with hose, Eco 185 submersible pump, fountain kit and 2 air stones. Easy to set up and simple to use. Innovative 'fountain head' design keeps tea foam contained & product agitated. All parts included - just add water! 1 Amp/120 Volts/60 Hz. 1 year warranty. Comes with two - 3 gallon tea brew kits. Designed in cooperation with the crew from Xtreme Gardening. Convenient  drip-free dispensing tap. Titan Controls new Xtreme Gardening Flo-N-Brew Tea Brewer Titan Controls brings you the perfect solution for your compost tea brewing requirements, the Flo-N-Brew. This tea brewer features Xtreme Gardening - Xtreme Tea Brew! It comes with all you'll need to brew two 3 gallon batches of premium compost tea for your garden and all you have to do is add water. Simple to use and easy to understand, Titan Controls just keeps bringing it to you! what could be better! The Flo-N-Brew - Xtreme Compost Tea Brewer kit comes with the following: 3 gallon compost tea brewing bucket Air pump with air hose 2 - four inch air stones Water pump Fountain kit 2 - three gallon Xtreme Tea Brews 120 Volts/1 Amp/60 Hz 1 year warranty Shipping Weight = 8 lbs Apply as a Drench or as a Spray Replacement Xtreme Tea Brew packets: Item #: 721320 Xtreme tea brews - 3 gallon Item #: 721325 Xtreme tea brews - 3 gallon