Volcanistones 1 cu ft
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Volcanistones™ are a natural rock mined and packaged specifically for hydroponic and horticultural uses. Volcanistones™ are high in silica, a mineral known to enhance plant growth and health. Hydroponic: Volcanistones™ have a greater amount of surface area than the reddish man-made expanded clay growing mediums that are round and smooth. Volcanistone™ will also hold more water. This allows more roots to grow in a smaller area and is a positive feature for hydroponic growing areas that experience high temperatures and/or low humidity. The high silica content of the Volcanistone™ helps to keep the plant vibrant and strong. The enhanced epidermis cells lining the outer layer of the leaves helps to block out insects, mold, mildew, fungus and adds to the overall general health of the plant’s vascular system. Soils: Placing two inches of Volcanistone™ into the bottom of pots before adding soil or soilless growing mediums will greatly enhance the plant’s ability to bring in air to the roots zone and supply needed silica for superior epidermis cell structure. This layer of Volcanistone™ will also help prevent over-watering syndrome and root rot caused by water filled drip trays and tubs. Soil and soilless growers will also benefit from adding Volcanistone™ directly to the soil before planting to encourage micro air pocket formation and allowing the plant root access to the abundant supply of silica the Volcanistone™ holds.