Water Conditioning Magnet.
Water Conditioning Magnet. Water Conditioning Magnet.
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Aqua Flow Water Conditioning Magnet.

Keeps nutrients soluble while keeping the feed lines clean of salt build-up. Plants love it They feel totally energized! Used on our demo systems to keep them looking and growing great!! Simply one of the best products we sell. You can see the build-up of salts in pipes. This unit will stop that from happening and clean them out. Must be grounded. EPA requires this unit to be used in areas that can not use water softening devices. Patent Pending.
Pumps will create electromagnetic fields when they operate. This can cause damage to nutrients as they pass through. This unit mounted after the pump will re-align the molicules that comprise the nutrients and make it stable and soluble. THIS UNIT REALLY WORKS! Money Back Guarantee.

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