Super Grow Liquid 4-0-0-5. 5 Gallon
Super Grow Liquid 4-0-0-5. 5 Gallon Super Grow Liquid 4-0-0-5. 5 Gallon
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VITA GROW LIQUID 'SUPER GROW '5 GAL. three part professional formula is the best.
Vita Grow plant food is a proven nutrient with a great field record. Both the dry and liquid plant food are derived from the same formula, the only difference is that water has been added to one and not the other. This means that you can switch from one to another without any growth difference in the plants. Vita Grow offers a three-part formula that is used differently than most three-part formulas. All of the micronutrients are in the Super Micro formula part one. The Super Grow and Super Fast formula is Nitrogen and Calcium. The Giant Bloom formula is Phosphorus and Potassium. When plants are in a vegetative state the Super Micro and Super Grow recipe is used. If you want a plant to be pushed into bloom, the Giant Bloom formula is added to the Super Micro and Super Grow recipe. By separating the formulas this way the grower can increase or decrease nitrogen (Super Grow) or phosphorus (Giant Bloom) as the plants demand without interfering with the micronutrients (Super Micro). This is how the professional greenhouse growers mix and match elements and compound for each stage of plant growth. As a special note, you will see that there are two Super Grow formulas. Super Grow is a formula designed for use in an area that has 400 watts of light and below. It is mostly comprised of nitrate nitrogen, making the plant take time to digest the nitrate nitrogen at a moderate speed at low light levels and keeping stem cell growth paced with the accumulation of micronutrients and calcium. Other wise plant stretching with spindly weak stems would occur. The Super Fast Grow is designed for areas in 400 watts of light and above. It has a blend of ammonia and nitrate nitrogen with calcium to spur faster growth and take advantage of the higher candlepower of the light. With higher light levels a faster photosynthesis is achieved and more prolific stem cell growth is acceptable because micronutrients and calcium can be translocated to the stem cells before their completion, thus making sure they are strong and capable of handling heavy fruiting sites. Bye the way, be sure to use Vita Grow Water Conditioner to condition your water before watering or feeding your plants. It’s good stuff.

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