400w Green Harvest U Metal Halide Lamp
400w Green Harvest U Metal Halide Lamp 400w Green Harvest U Metal Halide Lamp
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Sunmaster High Grade Universal Lamp.

Manufacturer's Code: M.400W.U37.4.0K

Initial Lumens: 36,000

Sunmaster lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage. This Green Harvest lamp has a balanced spectral output for good vegetative growth as well as good flowering.

Glass envelope clear.

SUNMASTER Green Harvest Grow Lamps emit balanced light similar to a 4000 Kelvin source, imitating the natural white look of sunlight. They are ideal single lamp sources for practically all phases of plant growth.

SUNMASTER Green Harvest Metal Halide Lamps are effective in promoting both vegetative growth and flowering. They surpass many other HID sources in PAR watts - the most objective measurement of total light energy available for photosynthesis.

  • Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts
  • Balanced spectral output
  • Promotes both flowering and vegetative growth
  • Long life
  • — Ships from Portland, Oregon USA.

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