PAR Wing Double Ended Reflector (36/pallet)
PAR Wing Double Ended Reflector (36/pallet) PAR Wing Double Ended Reflector (36/pallet)

Sun System PAR Wing Double Ended Reflector

Made specifically for High Voltage Double Ended K12x30 base 1000w HPS horticulture lamp. Unique T32.5 Double Ended lamp construction allows for maximum optical efficiency and improved ignition behavior (horizontal operation only). Improved PAR value and lumen/PAR maintenance (up to 90% PAR maintenance at 10k hr). Full spectrum lamp with a focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. Specifically designed for use with Ultra High Frequency electronic ballasts. Double Ended lamp specific locking sockets ensure optimal lamp placement and support in the reflector. 95% reflective German aluminum offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Powder coated steel spine for a hardy reflector construction. Does not accept glass. Double Ended 1000w HPS Lamps get extremely hot - users need to be cautious during operation and/or lamp replacement. Each reflector is sold individually.